Hi there! I’m HannaK, a Finland-based UX designer. I have an education in usability and design, and got into UX because I love solving problems and making things work.

The focus of my work is always on the user. I belive that without studying both users and the use environment it is impossible to make a great product. Finding the right questions and methods for user research and including the user in the work throughout the whole design process is the key to success.

I am a very visual person, and used to work in an advertising agency for a while. One of the things that intrigued me the most during that time was logo design, which transfers directly into icon design in my current work. Altogether, I think that the visual side is crucial for a good, working interface. It can guide the user towards key functions and help him find what he is looking for. Not to mention how it can make the whole process more enjoyable.

On my time off I like to do sports and spend time outdoors. I chose contact sport because I enjoy challenges and don’t mind pushing myself out of the comfort zone every now and then. Recently, I have also developed an interest for climbing mountains.

You will find my work history on LinkedIn too, so please check it out and don’t hesitate to get in touch. In case you’ll rather read my CV here, here are some notable details on my work, education and other accomplishments:


10.2018 – present UX/Service Designer at Wunder
3.2015 – 9.2018
 UI/UX Designer at Nextfour Group
2014 Graphic Designer at OnePrint Oy
2013 Project Coordinator at Neljän Ruoka Oy
2011 Graphic Designer at Haaja & Arwo Design


2018 Elements of AI course at Helsinki University, 2 ECTS
2008 – 2012
Designer at Turku University of Applied Sciences
2010 3D Designer at University College Falmouth


2010 project at Habitare Furniture Fair